Physical Education aka PE

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Elementary Physical Education

Physical Education and Fitness provides the opportunity for enjoyment, challenge, self expression and social interaction. If a child is to grow and develop to their maximum potential, they must have vigorous and challenging activities. All activities should be focused around "fun." The degree to which a child can reach his or her fullest depends on exercise, rest , and proper diet and nutrition.

Through individual, group, and partner instruction in Elementary School students will be able to:

  • Walk, run, hop, skip, gallop, jump, and leap.
  • Twist, balance, tumble, and extend.
  • Change movement, directionality, high, low, straight, zig-zag, fast, and slow.
  • Catch and throw a ball from a partner 10-15 feet away.
  • Kick a ball, stationary or rolling, towards them from 10-15 feet away.
  • Partcipate in low organizational games.

Elementary School Activities

  • soccer
  • flag football
  • ultimate frisbee
  • cardio vascular testing
  • volleyball
  • floor hockey
  • wiffle ball
  • fitness
  • non-competitive games
  • softball
  • outdoor track and field
  • music movement
  • basic interaction games
  • basketball