Each nine weeks students are assigned a specific number of points they must earn. They must also have an 85% accuracy rate and be reading books on their book level. At the end of each nine weeks, those students who have met ALL 3 goals are rewarded with some type of celebration.

Book levels are determined by a placement test offered through our Renaissance Learning program. This test is given at the beginning of the year and again mid-year (usually January). The computer program automatically calculates and assigns the number of points to each child.

If at any time you have questions, please email either the librarian at cward@dalecountyboe.org or the Technology/Computer teacher at jstokes@dalecountyboe.org

We believe the AR program is a great incentive for our MCES students!


Taken from the Renaissance Learning website:

Reading is a skill, and like every skill it requires not just instruction but practice. Reading practice enables students to apply the skills and strategies that you teach. It gives you opportunities to check student learning and identify weaknesses. And it draws students into the world of "real" reading-a world in which people learn from and enjoy books.

 Practice does not automatically lead to growth, however. To be effective, practice must have certain attributes: it must be at the right level of difficulty, cover a sufficient amount of time, be guided by the instructor, and be enjoyable enough to sustain.

The purpose of Accelerated Reader is to enable powerful practice.