Purple Star
Midland City Elementary School is currently in the application process for becoming a Purple Star School. The Alabama Purple Star Schools Program and Committee, established by Legislature with the passage of Act 2021-7, recognizes the efforts of the K-12 schools in the state that are committed and supportive of military students, and their families, as they transition to their new homes and schools. The Purple Star School program was designed to help mitigate the challenges of high mobility by setting standards for and publicly designating military-friendly schools. The Purple Star Award recognizes schools that show a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation’s military. Schools that earn the award will receive a special Purple Star recognition to display on site.

MCES Military Student/Family Liaison

Mrs. Andrea Fuller, MCES At-Risk Coordinator

Phone #: 334-983-1252

Email: afuller@dalecountyboe.org

Student-Led Transition Services: Peer Helpers

Through our system-wide Peer Helpers Program, Midland City Elementary School offers 100% acceptance and strives to bring military-connected and civilian students together.  Our Peer Helpers student organization welcomes incoming students and helps departing students prepare for their next school.  These students are available for a chat anytime and they know the right adults to connect you with if you are having a problem at school or at home.  For more information about our Peer Helper program can be requested by emailing a team member below.

Peer Helper Team Members:

Haley Carter, Peer Helper Coordinator and MCES Counselor - hcarter@dalecountyboe.org

Andrea Fuller, MCES Military Student/Family Liaison and MCES At-Risk Coordinator - afuller@dalecountyboe.org

Jennifer Snellgrove, MCES Principal and Peer Helper Team Member - jsnellgrove@dalecountyboe.org

Allison Lindsay, MCES Reading Specialist and Peer Helper Team Member - alindsay@dalecountyboe.org

Caroline Glover, MCES Kindergarten Teacher and Peer Helper Team Member - cglover@dalecountyboe.org

Upcoming Military Family Events:

Students will send letters of encouragement to members of the military through the online program - AMillionThanks.org.

Helpful Links For Military Families

Please click the links below for more information.